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Authors: Now enhance your Kindle Fire books with video, languages, analytics, thumbnails

by BB

For authors of digital bools who like to enhance their words with multimedia and other interative elements, Kindle Fire has an upgrade for you! Amazon has enhanced its Kindle Fire software so that it now supports video, foreign languages, reading speed analytics, and page view thumbnails. Those features seem an awful lot like the features that iBooks has offered since its inception. Is Amazon acknowledging its Apple competition? Playing catch-up? Either way, authors and readers win as Amazon brings the ebook medium closer to its ulitmate potential. 

Here are the enhancements in the words of the team at Kindle:

We have a new, free software update available for Kindle Fire HD 8.9”. The software update will be delivered wirelessly and includes several new features and performance enhancements:

Change your device language
Set your default device language to one of eight languages, including English (U.S.), English (U.K.), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified).

Track your reading progress with Time To Read
Kindle Fire HD 8.9” calculates your reading speed to let you know when you’ll finish a chapter or book.

Support for Kindle Editions with Audio/Video
You can now read books that contain audio and/or video clips.

Print Replica Textbook Enhancements

Scroll through thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to preview pages and jump quickly between chapters, and mark important notes and highlights in your Notebook for easy reference.

Posted by BB on April 1, 2013 in E-book Writing Tips