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Kindle authors get $1.5 million bonus this holiday

by BB

The folks at Amazon really want authors to enroll their books in KDP Select. To grab more authors, Amaon has just added a bonus of $1.5 million to the global fund for the holidays. This is a bonus on top of the regular monthly fund during the three-month period that starts in December 2012 and ends in February 2013. Every author or publisher enrolled earns a share of the total global fund when their book is  borrowed from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library on,, and

The catch? There's always a catch. The catch is that your book must be exclusive to Kindle for 90 days. Amazon doesn't want authors selling their books anywhere else, after all, if your book is sold at B&N or Apple, Amazon won't get the profit. So Amazon is willing to pay to gain exclusivity. This is not much of a catch for those auhtors who only publish on Amazon and have no intention of diversifying their deistribution options. But if you're interested in selling your book for Nook or iPad—and iPad is gearing up to be the run-away hit of the 2012 Holiday season—then you're out of luck.

Amazon is pitching this as an opportuntiy to "reach more readers worldwide than ever before" becuase they predict lots of new Kindles will be sold this holiday.  

To learn more about enrolling your book visit KDP Select

Posted by BB on December 7, 2012 in E-book Writing Tips