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Marketing an E-Book: 20 Top Tips To Increase Book Sales - Part 1: Press Releases

by BB

You’ve just written your e-book and posted it up to Kindle, or iTunes. You’re waiting for the sales to roll in. You check, every day (maybe every hour) the online reports… and what do you find? The sound of crickets against an empty sky?

Let’s face it, no one will buy your e-book if no one knows it exists. So in order to sell more e-books, you need to get your story out there.

There are many marketing activities you can do to get the message out to your audience about your e-book. This article is first in a series of the top twenty ways you can market your e-book, to promote your message, and increase e-book sales.

How to market your e-book for increased sales:

Tip #1: Create and distribute regular, relevant Press Releases

Make your press release matter.

If you write a press release that simply describes your book, it will not garner a lot of attention.

Why? Because your book, which is brand new, and not yet a valuable part of the public’s hearts and minds, doesn’t matter to them.

Even if your subject matter is important, even urgent, because they don’t know about it yet, they don’t care about it.

How do you make them care? You have to link your e-book’s topic to a subject that your audience already cares about.

Write a press release that describes not just your e-book, but a real-life event or phenomenon that your e-book is associated with.

Press releases are all about news. The introduction of your ebook may not be news to anyone but you and your family, but there is surely some sort of newsworthy event that has some association to your book. You need to brainstorm newsworthy events that relate to your book and write your press release about them, using the description of your book as support that somehow enhances this event.

Is your title a nonfiction book about a Civil War battle? Make a press release that is relevant to people in the Civil War reenactment clubs, or send the press release out on the anniversary of a big civil war battle. The press release should be mostly about the battle, and include one or two paragraphs about how your book brings a new perspective to this battle.

Maybe your e-book is a middle grade novel about a boy who overcomes odds to help his team win a Little League championship. Create a press release that ties your book in with the upcoming Spring Training season. Then send another one in August when Little League World Series comes along. Another in October during the Major League World series.

Find something, anything, that exists out there in the real world, then tie it in with your book.

Press releases will be picked up by the media only if the media things the information inside supports a newsworthy event.

Where to distribute your press release to increase e-book sales

Step 1: Individual Journalists

Start by compiling a list of specific publications that are associated with the topic of your book. Find the names and the email addresses of journalists who write for these publications. Send your press release, formatted beautifully, to these individual journalist

Step 2: 
Free Web-based Press Release Distribution Sites
 for e-book authors

The web is full of free distribution web sites that you can use to post your press release. Those sites include:

Online PR
24/7 Press Release



Step 3: Paid Press Release Distribution Sites
 for e-book authors

All of the above free press release distribution sites also have paid options that allow you to add more photos, include more links, gain broader exposure, and access more detailed results analytics.

The granddaddy of all web-based press release web sites is Press releases are currently going for about $199 per release.

For this amount, at PRWeb, your release will be exposed to the major media outlets. This allows your release to  have the possibility of gaining valuable search engine rankings.
Press releases are generally an affordable way to get your word out. They allow you to provide lots of exposure for a small amount of effort.

Next Steps to market your e-book and increase sales today!

You can take the following right now to market your e-book and increase book sales.

Step 1: Get on the internet and find the email addresses of journalists who write for the journals that are associated with the topics of your e-book book.

Step 2:  Start brainstorming press release topic today!

Posted by BB on January 15, 2013 in E-book Marketing Tips