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Teachers recommend LeapPad Ultra and LeapReader for students

by BB

LeapFrog Enterprises released the results of a recent teacher insights study. In this unique study, teachers were given the opportunity to interact with LeapFrog's award-winning LeapPad™ Ultra, and its incredible library of fun and educational games and interactive apps, and LeapReader™, the complete learn to read and write system. Nearly all of the teachers in the study stated they would recommend LeapPad Ultra and LeapReader to their students' parents and other teachers.

"Technology can be an extremely powerful learning tool and our learning solutions, LeapPad Ultra and LeapReader, are examples of the kinds of tools that teachers and parents are looking for to help children build a strong foundation for future success," said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, manager of LeapFrog's Learning Team. "As teachers look for different ways to engage their students, technology is something that children are drawn to and that offers a way to provide personalized learning experiences even in busy and full classrooms. LeapPad Ultra keeps children engaged in learning by integrating profile-based curriculum starting points, innovative hints and prompts, and auto-leveling that remembers a child's progress from game to game."

As one teacher from the study commented, "It (LeapPad Ultra) is a great device for every subject. My students would love to play the games. LeapPad Ultra allows children to have fun while still learning and they don't even realize it!" Another teacher in the study noted that "LeapReader is exactly what my classroom has been missing. As a teacher, it is a daily challenge to help 26 students read independently each day. With this tool not only will my students receive additional support, but they will also gain confidence in their independent reading. LeapReader allows them complete independence in learning letter formation and reading."

A+ for LeapPad Ultra

The survey found that 93 percent of the teachers surveyed would recommend LeapPad Ultra to other teachers and 97 percent would recommend LeapPad Ultra to parents. Nearly all of the teachers said they would recommend LeapFrog's learning library of more than 800 fun and engaging interactive games, apps, eBooks, videos, music and more to other teachers and parents. Additionally, 98 percent said their students would find LeapPad Ultra to be a fun tool for learning. Many of the teachers noted that the curriculum in the games automatically adjusted to individual students' unique needs, the skills built upon each other step by step, and that the games and apps were highly motivating and engaging.

LeapReader Receives High Marks

When teachers were asked about LeapReader, 99 percent said they would recommend the LeapReader library as a way to help young children build skills that are important for school success. In addition, 98 percent of teachers said they would recommend LeapReader to parents as a way to help young children build skills that are important for school success. Many of the teachers noted that the LeapReader system is a fun and engaging way for children to practice and reinforce skills taught in the classroom and a great way to help children build confidence and independence as they develop core literacy skills like phonics and comprehension. LeapReader's writing features were praised for providing step-by-step feedback enabling children to self-correct as they learned how to write their letters.

"We know that children learn to read and write better when experienced together and LeapReader allows these skills to be practiced concurrently," continues LeVos. "Children are building phonics and word recognition skills as they touch the letters to hear their sounds and listen to words pronounced and sounded out. As they trace and write letters, they learn about proper stroke order and writing fluency. LeapReader offers children the opportunity to strengthen skills for future literacy success through an extensive library that allows a parent and child to select learning experiences specific to their needs and interests."


Posted by BB on October 15, 2013 in School and Library tips