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Chromebook can be an e-reader (if you don’t mind the keyboard)

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review by BB


When is a book not a book? When it’s a Chromebook. The name of this new little computer from Samsung and Google sounds appealingly like it’s a new type of e-reader. At $449, this device in the same ballpark price-wise as a tablet.

The Chromebook is really positioned as an alternative to conventional computers running the Mac OS or Windows operating systems. The device has an operating systems based on the Google Chrome web browser.

The Chromebook, however, can be easily used as an e-reader if you download the Nook or Kindle software—or, of course, if you want to read e-books from the Google store. The Chromebook offers a nice sized 12.1-inch screen display.

The issue of course is that awkward keyboard.  Okay, the keyboard is not so awkward if you want to enter data. But if reading is the only thing you’ll ever do with this, go ahead and get a tablet or e-reader.

The Chromebook devices don’t have a hard drive, they function like terminals on an internet connection.  The system offers an internet-based file storage system called Drive. The device comes with 16 gigabytels of flash memory, and offers two USB ports for accessories.

Price $449 for models that connect via Wi-Fi and $549 for devices with 3G network connections.

Posted on July 31, 2012 in Hardware