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Tomely: New DRM-Free ebookstore for indie authors and publishers

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Independent publishers and authors who have decided to go DRM-Free now have a new ebookstore platform: Tomely. All ebooks sold through Tomely are DRM-free, and Tomely allows readers to easily load purchased books directly onto their device of choice. DRM are a set of technologies designed to restrict use and re-use of electronic media. DRM is controversial because when a publisher controls how and when readers can use their ebook files, it is arguable that the readers do not really own the file after they buy it. So many indie authors are simply choosing to go "DRM-Free" in hopes that their works will be shared and their popularity will grow.

Tomely provides indie publishers and authors with tools to promote their work, and allows readers to easily promote books they've read and enjoyed.

All ebooks sold through Tomely are DRM-free, and Tomely allows readers to easily load purchased books directly onto any of their favourite devices, or send them to social reading services like Readmill.

Tomely provides publishers and authors with the ability to sell directly through their own existing websites, manage their own promotions using a flexible coupon-code generator, and easily send galley copies of books to reviewers. While other ebookstores can force publishers to wait weeks or months for payments to process, Tomely facilitates direct transactions between readers and publishers.

“Tomely seems to have all the bases covered for selling ebooks,” said Adam Robinson, Founding Editor of Publishing Genius Press.

“Instead of trying to create another ‘Walled Garden’, we want Tomely to work well with the devices and services readers and publishers already use,” said Fred Fan, Lead Developer at Tomely. “A reader can receive a discount from Tomely promoting a book on Twitter, read the book they’ve purchased from Tomely on Readmill, then share a readable preview of that book on Tumblr.”

One particularly interesting component of Tomely is the ‘Infinite Book’ (, which generates an endless page full of random samples of text pulled from inside ebooks uploaded to Tomely. When it was launched last year, the Infinite Book was praised on the blog as “a lovely way to find a new book to read and a lovely way to think about reading.”

Posted on June 17, 2013 in E-books