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When Kids Get Lost - Colorful Ebook Generates Discussions

Rating: four

review by BB

If your young child gets lost at the shopping mall, would he or she know what to do? Children’s book author and illustrator Chris Marsh addresses the subject in his new picture book “Zips Goes Wandering” now available for iPad at the Apple iBookstore as well as Nook and Kindle.

In “Zips Goes Wandering” a young zebra wanders away from his mother in the African savannah. Though nervous, Zips uses courage and good judgment to find trusted animals who help him make his way back to the herd. This colorful, rhyming tale sparks conversations that all parents should have with their kids about how to handle getting separated from loved ones in a crowded, public location such as a shopping mall at holiday time.

The story grew out of Marsh’s own attempts to talk to his nieces and nephews about what to do if they ever got lost. An artist and poet, he drew on his creative skills and love for animals to address important subject in a colorful, rhyming tale. “I grew up exploring the fields and woods of the English countryside with my mother constantly reminding me to be careful,” said Marsh. “Now I find myself doing careful reminding to my adventurous nieces and nephews.”

The bustle and crowds so common in the holidays can increase a child’s risk of getting lost. Parents should discuss strategies with their kids and have a plan for finding each other before they venture into a public area.

Posted on March 4, 2014 in E-books