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E-BooksAndKids works with children’s writers intent on self-publishing the best books they can possibly produce. We offer services including :

  • Story Development 
  • Copy Editing  
  • E-Book Marketing   
  • E-Book Conversions  
  • App Conversions

About E-BooksAndKids centralizes news, analysis, and services in the fast-growing world of digital books for writers, publishers, educators, and librarians

The fastest growing trend in children’s education is the rise of digital books and e-reading. These new technologies are changing the ways many major organizations function, including K-12 education, libraries, and the publishing industry. Authors, librarians, publishers, teachers, and technology professionals—anyone with a stake in children’s education—needs to stay informed about how e-books are being created, distributed, and read.

News, analysis, and research on how digital books affect kids offers news, analysis, and research at the forefront of this quick-changing industry. The web site offers insights into the complex world of digital books and how it affects children today. Our goal is to disseminate resources to everyone involved in children’s literature as e-books grow and the publishing industry evolves.

Services for children’s book production and marketing also provides services including children’s book story development, e-book marketing, e-book conversions and app conversions.

The website was founded in 2011 by Beth Bacon. Beth Bacon also writes for the websites Digital Book World, and creates e-books for marketing at Zoyo Branding and for kids at Pixel Titles. Beth began her career as an advertising copywriter, and has been on staff at Microsoft. She graduated from Harvard University (magna cum laude in Literature) and has a Master’s in Media Ecology from NYU.

For more information, contact:
Beth Bacon
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