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Copy Editing

Self-published authors do a lot on their own, but they always need another set of eyes to review the text for typographical and grammatical edits before bringing their stories to the public. Hire E-BooksAndKids to Copy Edit your complete, finished manuscript before you deliver it to the world. If you are not sure whether your story is ready for publication, check out our Story Development Services.

How We Work

E-Books and Kids is a small organization and is not able to work with every writer simply because there are not enough hours in the day. If we decline your project, we will send you an email with a declination and an apology within 72 hours of receiving your submission (usually much sooner). If we accept your project, we will send you an email with a contract that outlines the specific actions we’ll take and our proposed fee.


Copy Editing rates are by the hour. We charge $35/hour for Copy Editing.

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