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Story Development

At E-BooksAndKids, we believe in independence and the freedom of self=publishing that e-book technology makes possible. We work with a small number of writers intent on self-publishing. Our clients write for children and have complete manuscripts that need a professional set of eyes to develop the story to its fullest potential. Take a look at our rates and fees and fill in the form below.

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How We Work

E-Books and Kids is a small organization and is not able to work with every writer simply because there are not enough hours in the day. If we decline your project, we will send you an email with a declination and an apology within 72 hours of receiving your submission. If we accept your project, we will send you an email with a contract that outlines the specific actions we’ll take and our proposed fee.

Story Development Services

When we take on your project, we read your manuscript carefully—many times—and create a report that contains suggestions including: specifics on the character, setting, pacing, voice, language, length, and appropriateness for the age group targeted. This  “story development” work literally helps you develop your vision into the best and most powerful story it can be. Often this means streamlining the narrative arc and helping you “show not tell” your character’s true motives.

Story Development is different from Copy Editing in that we don’t aim to correct typos, we aim to improve the pacing, the voice, and the overall impact your story has on its readers. We also offer Copy Editing services for manuscripts in a stage closer to publication.


Each project is different. Our feels depend on the length of the text and the degree of story development requested. For most Story Development project, we charge on an hourly basis, based on $85/hour with a $425 minimum. All fees depend on the scope of the individual project. Most projects range from $425 to $1000.

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